Wannabee Miniature Pinschers was just a dream I had in the back of my head in 1995 when we bought our first top quality show dog from Ruth Norwood of Sunbrook fame. We had absolutely no experience with show dogs whatsoever, but felt that if we did enough research we could simply buy the best that we could afford. This resulted in the purchase of a 4 month old puppy bitch, Sunbrook War Bonnet, who will be forever known as “Bonnie Lou”

In 1996, the opportunity arose which allowed us to purchase our foundation brood bitch, Ch. Sunbrook Feathered Headress (“Etta”).

When she came into season, I again asked for Linda’s help in choosing a proper sire for our lady in waiting: the result was a breeding to Ch. Bandbox Cut The Bull (“Buddy”).

This breeding was very exciting for us as it was to be our very first litter of puppies and we’d never whelped a litter before!!!!!!

As Etta’s belly expanded to monumental proportions and her due date became closer, I again called Linda and asked if she would stay by the phone in case we had problems …..neither Linda nor I ever imagined that Etta would decide to go into labor on the very day that Linda decided to renew her wedding vows with Buddy!!!!!

Etta took total control of the situation: basically told us to stay back and relax and presented us with four gorgeous puppies: 3 girls and 1 boy. As we sat on the floor, gazing at these squirmy little furballs, I looked at my husband and said “Look at them….My God….You Can Just See It…..They Wannabee Winners !!!!!!

WANNABEE MINIATURE PINSCHERS was established in 1996. We finished 3 out of 4 of these pups owner/handled. Etta went on to become Runner Up Dam of the Year that Year and Dam of the Year in 1999 as well. On February 24, 2001 we finished Etta’s EIGHTH champion. She will now be inducted into the MPCA Hall Of Fame.

“Breed the Best to the Best: It’ll Just Get Better!!!!”

I am a research fanatic. it goes back to the days of breeding Thoroughbred horses. Some of the most famous horse breeders in the world are responsible for what I am today. When they refused to accept my mares for breeding: they were sending me a message loud and clear! Don’t start with quantity…..start with quality!!!! One great brood bitch will produce more champions than ten pet quality bitches!!! I don’t care what anyone else tells you: pedigree is everything!!!!

“We Are Who We Were !!!”
Think about that saying…..the great ones always come back to remind you of the good job you’re doing!!!!! Whenever I plan a breeding – I spend much time on pedigrees, show records, attitude & soundness……and the most important thing I remember is this:
“With Him As A Sire And Her As A Dam:
How Can I Help But Be What I Am?”

We hope you will take the time to bookmark our website and visit often. A great deal of research has gone into this site and will continue to do so.

If ever you just want to talk – or have a question – don’t hesitate to contact us!


First MPCA Top 20 Event was held in Wisconsin in 2000.
Sponsored By The Badgerland Miniature Pinscher Club
was the ONLY Miniature Pinscher
from the FIRST Top 20 Event
to be inducted into the MPCA Hall of Fame

Held In NYC Westminster Weekend
Wannabee Miniature Pinschers
Was the FIRST Breeder To RETIRE
the Kleinmann’s Memorial Breeder Challenge Trophy
by Winning The Empire Miniature Pinscher Club Specialty
THREE Consecutive Times with

Top 20 Event in 2005
Held In Pigeon Forge, TN.
Wannabee Miniature Pinschers was the FIRST breeder
To have FIVE Qualifiers For This Event in one year.
This record was still standing as of 2012.

MPCA National Specialty: 2006
Held in Louisville, KY.
was the FIRST Miniature Pinscher to win
the BREEDERS CHOICE AWARD & the BEST OF BREED in the same year.
She also won the Top 20 Event that year.

Welcome to the world of Wannabee Miniature Pinschers!
We are committed to developing the best Miniature Pinschers available today.
Attitude, Bloodlines, Conformation:
In The Whelping Box and in the Show Ring:
Our Goal Is Clear:
We Wannabee The Best!!!
Member Of MPCA Since 1996

Carole and Ken Rerko
1135 Hopley Avenue
Bucyrus, Ohio 44820
Phone: 419-562-6901
Fax: 419-562-9116
located in mid-state, near Columbus, Ohio

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